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New Commercial House, Ground Floor, Next to Unilever E.A Ltd,Along Enterprise Rd Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya

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0738 010 275

Our Story

Meet Geocomp Systems Experts

Geocomp systems Ltd was started in the year 2007 in Nairobi Kenya and was registered as a sole proprietorship business. It was later converted to partnership business and recently to a private limited company.
From its inception, Geocomp has flourished under the leadership of its two very able directors, With one providing the technical direction and the other managing the business and marketing. The young company has prospered quickly gaining a reputation for innovative design and high-quality work in small and medium air compressors and their accessories from all industrial fields.

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    24 Hour Emergency Service

    We provide 24 hour Emergency Service to you 365 days a year for all your Air Compressor, Air Dryer, Lubrication, filtration, installation maintenance and Repair needs. Call us now at 0738 010 275

    15 Years Experience

    With more than fifteen years’ experience in the compressed air industry, we pride in a wide range of experience in small and medium air compressors and their accessories from all industrial fields in terms of sales of air compressors, installation, service and maintenance, sale of spare parts and assorted accessories. We offer comprehensive compressed air solutions!

    Our Services

    Air Dryers

    Refrigerated air dryers remove moisture and contaminants from compressed air by chilling the air to a temperature that causes the moisture in the air to condense and form droplets. These can be separated from the air stream and discharged from the dryer.

    Air Compressor

    We are the leading supplier of air compressor products in kenya. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service coupled with quality products and energy saving solutions. we focus on: Oil injection, portable air compressors, oil free air compressors, and oil lubricated type.


    We provide several compressed air filtration options that protect air system components and process machinery. They help reduce production waste. ie Air Filter Housings, Air Filters, Air/Oil Separators, Elements, Oil / Water Separators and Oil Filters

    Installation repair & Maintenance

    We have well trained, multi-skilled field servicing teams who are focused on ensuring customers’ systems are kept running efficiently and cost-effectively.
    Our compressor servicing teams are highly responsive and are backed by the very latest technology which allows us to identify when maintenance and servicing are required.

    Spare Parts

    we supply spare parts in compressed air technology and the applications thereof. Our product range is unmatched in terms of quality, technology and diversity which allow our dedicated support and sales facilities to satisfy the requirements of all users of compressed air from small to large.

    our clients

    Plast packaging industries Ltd , Economic industries Ltd , Buyline industries ltd Ltd , Kapa oil refineries Ltd, Para print Ltd, Odds & Ends Ltd, Vegpro kenya Ltd, The standard group plc ltd, Ramco printing works Ltd, City engineering works Ltd, Rosewood office systems Ltd, Kenapen EA Ltd

    Common Brands in our Scope of Services