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We provide several compressed air filtration options that protect air system components and process machinery, and help reduce production waste.

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High-Quality Air Filters for Air Compressors

The unobstructed flow of clean air is as essential for an air compressor as it is for an automobile. When air flow is restricted, as can happen when air compressor regulators and filters are neglected, the machine will not operate as efficiently as it should. Most manufacturers recommend changing compressor filters as part of a preventive maintenance program to help prolong the life of the compressor and to help ensure efficient operations.

Most manufacturers produce a standard air compressor filter that is capable of removing particles as small as five microns. However, there are also filters that are capable of removing particles as minute as 0.3 microns.
Other air compressor filters should also be inspected and changed periodically. Air compressor water filters and air compressor oil filters, for example, are other important parts of the filtration system. Water separators are designed to clean the water by removing oil condensates and sludge. Oil air separators perform a similar function by removing airborne particulates.
Whether you’re looking for an air filter, air water filter or air oil filter, Geocomp Systems has what you need to keep your compressor running smoothly. Get intouch with us on: Tel: 020 356 9848 / Mob: 0738 010 275 Or send Enquiry Contact Us